Spotlight on… Priscila Escobar, HAKI Mechanical Design Engineer

Women in construction continue to be very much the minority, but they are a valuable source of skills required in the industry – as HAKI’s mechanical design engineer, Priscila Escobar, demonstrates.

Priscila joined HAKI’s engineering department in 2016 and has thrived in her role ever since. A master’s degree in mechanical engineering with a focus on design for manufacturing, combined with her passion and dedication, has paved the way for her success.

As a mechanical design engineer, Priscila is responsible for answering customers’ technical queries, developing designs, producing conceptual drawings and keeping technical documentation up-to-date. The job is demanding but the variation is one of many aspects Priscila likes about her role.

“I enjoy that no day is the same. Multi-tasking keeps me busy and priorities tend to change day to day, so it’s hard to anticipate what each will have in store.

“I also get great satisfaction from seeing my scaffold designs come to life and learning new things every day at HAKI.”

Coming from an aerospace background, Priscila had a taste for manufacturing and structural design of aircraft before joining HAKI. However, after finding her current position she realized the job role matched the sort of work she wanted to pursue long-term.

“Whether it’s flying or firmly attached to a building, the laws of structural design remain the same!

« Now, I am excited to see HAKI’s engineering department grow so I can share what I am learning and increase our productivity for customers, through human resource and new digital design tools.”

As a woman in construction, Priscila had been prepared by engineering school for the experience of working in a male-dominated environment.

“It gives me a great sense of pride and motivation to be one of the few women working in the engineering field and the construction industry in general.

« The good balance of men and women working at HAKI also makes a welcoming environment to work in – everyone is supportive of each other regardless of gender!”

Priscila is keen to see more women take up engineering roles and enter the construction industry.

“It’s not necessary to be a super-geek to be a good engineer, and it doesn’t matter what gender you are – what truly matters is dedication, responsibility and a willingness to work hard.”


HAKI is a proud equal opportunities employer and is supportive of women in construction, encouraging a diverse workforce. Click here to find out about our current job openings.